Haam Food Industries

Quality and sensory evaluation of nutrients

Since the early days of its establishment, the quality control unit of HAM Food Industries has been operating as an independent and efficient unit, evolving day by day and now working with staff with a master's degree in food industry;


HAM's Quality Control Unit focuses on defining quality, employing trained personnel, appropriate laboratory equipment and up-to-date technical knowledge to meet customers' quality needs and to conform to products; to the standards and specifications set for the product


It prevents sudden and minor changes in product quality by preventing frequent and regular sampling and testing of raw materials and the manufactured product, and prevents the production of defective products that incur heavy customer dissatisfaction costs.


The unit consists of physical, chemical, and microbiology units; and, due to its proper equipment and knowledge of up-to-date and efficient staff and knowledge of the unit, the unit is audited by standard institute experts and industrial research associates as standard institute Well known


It also oversees the quality of the food industry in collaboration with universities and institutes of higher education to educate and introduce students to this center, and to assist students in researching student theses.

The activities of this unit are based on the following steps:


1. Quality control of raw materials: (Quality control unit; sampling raw materials entering the factory from suppliers licensed by regulatory agencies prepared on the basis of existing sampling instructions; Qualitative and Approval Shipped from Laboratory to Production)


2. Quality control of materials during production: (Quality control experts sampling all materials and products produced during the manufacturing process and undergoing physical and chemical tests to ensure product quality during production)


3. Finished product quality control: (Samples from finished product and undergoes microbial and chemical tests in laboratory)


 4 Pre-clearance product quality control: (In case of successful quarantine and approval from Microbiology and Chemical-Physical Laboratory, product distribution and sales license is issued).


 5. Collaborate with R&D unit to test new products