Haam Food Industries

Ham Food Lab Services:


In addition to being a food lab, each lab provides its own specialized services. But some principles are generally applied to all subsets of the food lab.


Food Initial Review:


Initial examination of materials is based on measurements of odor, color, taste, transparency, degree of brix, uniformity, peroxide acidity, moisture, pH, microbial, oil and salt percentage, alkali content, purity percentage, sucrose, sugars, etc.


Food Microbiology:


After examination and determination of the quality of raw materials for production or packaging of the products, it is time to microbial detoxification. The early and early stages of this work are to study the microbial status of the food and the cultivation and enumeration of all the bacteria and fungi present.


Food formulation and optimization:


After examining the initial state and identifying the microbes, it is important to plan and implement the work to improve the food and to comply with national standards


And after going through the application process and going through the formulation process, chemical and physical tests are performed to determine the quality