Haam Food Industries

History of Haam Food Industry

In 1354, a big man in Tabriz launches Ham food industry. Creativity innovation, world-class technology, committed men of diligence aiming to produce high quality products take effective step in Iranian biscuit industry.

Ham Company is one of the first companies in the biscuit industry in Iran. The technology of the day, the caring experts and the high quality of the products made it a good name for Ham in the early years and opened a strong position among similar products. Regular and precise quality control of crude materials from raw materials, production by fully automatic machinery, and full compliance with the health and hygiene package of products to the extent that it equates to the most advanced countries in the world. With the start of production and approval of the health and quality of biscuits produced by the Ministry of Health at the time, Ham Company succeeded in providing and satisfying school nutrition for consecutive years.

Hamm Food Industries produces varieties of biscuits, wafers, layered cakes and cupcakes, and varieties of toffee-candy and jelly and other types of chocolate and other products with standard and high quality packaging. It has been successful in meeting domestic consumption needs in foreign markets and has been exporting to Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe, Africa, India, and Central Asia since 1991 until today and is one of the leading Iranian brands in these countries. 60% of its production volume exports. Today, after nearly half a century, Ham's Biscuit Company continues to work in the trenches with its highly skilled and expert staff, using the latest technology in the world and localizing the knowledge of the day to further enhance its products.

Hamm Food Industries, with more than 120 pens manufactured as a successful domestic producer, has been able to create employment and entrepreneurship directly for more than 500 people indirectly to more than 2000 young people across the border. All products of Ham production company have national standard of Iran and apple health mark from Ministry of Health and Halal brand and have got ISO international certification and attend in domestic and international confectionery and chocolate confectionery fairs not only in introducing this company products. It has been effective but has also brought credit to Iranian products. Hopefully one day, domestic products, in addition to saturating the domestic consumer market, will see a widespread presence of these products around the world.

Hamm Foods now has an active agency across the country to cover the domestic consumer market in order to contact the company and sales organization.